Advanced Radiation Oncology Center

Advanced Radiation OncologyWe understand that your life changes when you’re fighting cancer. That’s why we have a fast, new cancer treatment that is minimally invasive and will help you get back to your life.

How is this done? We use the most advance radiation therapy technology knows as RapidArc™.

RapidArc™ is a new approach to delivering image-guided, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). Image guidance improves tumor targeting, and IMRT shapes the radiation dose so that it conforms closely to the three dimensional shape of the tumor. That means more dose to the tumor, and less to surrounding healthy tissues.

With RapidArc™, IMRT treatments that typically required at least ten minutes can be completed in less than two.

RapidArc™ is delivered with a medical linear accelerator, which is a big machine that generates high-powered X-rays and rotates around you as you lie on a treatment couch, to deliver the beams from any angle. With RapidArc™, the entire treatment is completed with a single rotation of the machine.

The treatments are fast. That makes it easier on you. You’re in and out of the treatment room in a matter of minutes each day.

A RapidArc™ radiotherapy system incorporates technology that makes it possible for your treatment team to position you for treatment with great accuracy. An “On-Board Imager,” which is a CT scanner, is mounted on the treatment machine, gives them high-resolution X-rays of the targeted area and can be used before each treatment.