Men may want to note a recent study regarding sperm quality and quantity.  According to data involving nearly 1,000 men, the majority of whom were in their late teens to early 20’s, poor sleep was linked with lower sperm counts and fewer sperm that form correctly.  Given the fact thay sleep disturbances are becoming increasingly common in industrialized nations, it is thought that up to to 20% of young men may have reduced sperm quality.  Generally speaking, the worse men slept (difficulty falling asleep, sleeping restlessly, etc.), the poorer the quality of their sperm was found to be.  While this study does not prove an exact cause-and-effect relationship, it may be that sleep disturbances alter night time testosterone rhythms (without affecting overall testosterone levels).

P.S.  Because heat can affect sperm production, men should avoid hot tubs and hot baths if they want to conceive.


There is no better time than September, during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, for men to talk with their health care providers about this disease so that they can make informed decisions about maintaining their prostate health.

Although prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among men, when detected early it also boasts some of the highest survival rates. The American Cancer Society recommends that men have the opportunity to make an informed decision with their health care provider about screening for prostate cancer after receiving information about the uncertainties, risks, and potential benefits associated with screening. If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, seek a second opinion.  Call us today at 831 758-3851 to make an appointment.